• Design, Build, Program & Film your Ideal Summer

    Thank you for an amazing summer!  We enjoyed working with all the children!  Check back in January for 2018 summer camp schedules and locations.

  • Morning, afternoon, or full day camp sessions with something new every week!

    Programs for ages 6 – 14,
    throughout Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, and Cedar Park

  • 2017 Summer Camp Pricing:

    • $295 for 5-day camps (morning or afternoon)
    • $345 for 3-day, full-day camps for July 5-7 (8:30am-4:00pm)
    • 5% discount for multiple sessions or children
    • $125 non-refundable deposit for each camp session reserved
    • Full payment due by May 12, 2017, and for all reservations made after this date.

  • 2017 Camp Descriptions

  • Game Creation – Arcade Action

    Perfect for students new to gaming. Every kid loves playing video games. Children can create their very own computer video game from the ground up! Utilizing GameMaker software, our teachers will guide your children through every step of developing a customized functional game, including drag-and-drop programming, designing multiple levels and adding features of a real arcade-style video game. (Ages 8-14)

    Advanced GameMaker - Platform

    For those with previous GameMaker experience. Our teachers will take your children further into the world of video game design through more advanced techniques, such as utilizing program scripting and global variables, customizing characters via digital photo-editing software, and designing complex multi-tiered game levels using gravity, platforms and effects. They will develop a new-found knowledge and appreciation of what goes into game development, including math, logic, and creative storytelling. (Ages 8-14)

    Advanced GameMaker – Starwing

    For those with previous GameMaker experience. In this high-octane space-shooter game, children will create a game with a lone starfighter that takes on a fleet of cyberdrones in a race against time to save humanity. Children code their ship’s propulsion, guns, missiles, force fields, and an energy management system to direct power where it’s needed most. Children will also program a variety of enemies and obstacles, including fighters, bombers, asteroids, and space mines. (Ages 8-14)

    Introduction to Scratch

    Ideal for children interested in programming. Learn to use Scratch®, a programming language that was invented by the MIT Media Lab. Through the creation of interactive stories, animations, games, music and art, students will develop a foundation of programming concepts that will prepare them for higher level programming languages in the future. Students will learn to think creatively and to reason systematically. (Ages 8-14)

    Fun with Kodu 3D Game Lab Programming

    For children interested in creating games. Microsoft’s Kodu is a visual programming language, designed for video game development. Children create their own worlds, add characters, make them interact or complete tasks. They will program scoring, spawning characters, dialogue, enemy objects, timers, health and various game levels. Children will also create a game where robotic racers compete to cross the finish line first. The game will include a variety of race tracks, and obstacles such as chasms, lava and oil slicks, as well as ray guns, land mines, and missiles. This course builds skills by challenging children to analyze a problem and structure their solution. (Ages 8-14)

    Minecraft Machines

    Ideal for students with basic PC or Mac Minecraft experience. Take your Minecrafting to the next level through engineering! This course introduces students to the power of Redstone, the foundation of all advanced technology in Minecraft. Using motors, pistons, switches and diodes, students build an exciting variety of useful devices, including Cobblestone generators, farming machines, devious traps, and powerful TNT cannons. (Ages 8-14)

    More Minecraft Machines

    All new activities! For experienced Redstone users familiar with the PC or Mac version of Minecraft. More mechanical madness! Students use compact circuit design, comparators, intermediate gates and switches to build slime block vehicles & launchers, hidden staircases, piston doors, vending machines, keycard locks, charcoal generators, and more! Students also learn basic programming principles through Command Blocks. (Ages 8-14)

    Minecraft: Create Your Own Mini-Games and Structures

    For students with intermediate PC or Mac Minecraft® experience. Join forces with your fellow Minecrafters to create epic structures and exciting mini games on a customized server world. Using the popular Minecraft plug-in World Edit and a classroom server, students will build, share, and create together in the same world to make castles, hotels, parkour courses, battle arenas and much more. Students will also learn about Redstone, commands, building techniques and social gaming. (Ages 8-14)

    Raspberry Pi: Electronics and Programming

    Students will learn to set up and customize the hardware and Operating System of a Raspberry Pi, a fully functioning computer the size of a credit card! In addition to learning how computers work, children will learn about programming electronics and will create their own programs and games using Scratch, Python, and Minecraft. Example activities include creating a game in Scratch, composing music through code in Sonic Pi, programming a chat bot and creating an instant messenger program. (Ages 8-14)

    Coding in Minecraft: Create Your Own Raspberry Pi Edition

    Build your own version of Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi! Starting with only the basic features of Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi, students will design custom skins and textures, build amazing structures, give their players new abilities, and create their own mini-games all while learning Linux and the Python programming language. (Ages 8-14)

    Make a Movie

    For students interested in animation! Lights… Camera… Action! Children’s dreams of having their favorite LEGO® characters come to life can be a reality in our Movie-Making camp. Utilizing stop-motion animation and digital post-production editing, your children will produce LEGO® movies. Students will learn about developing creative storytelling techniques, incorporating visual and audio special effects, and even voice acting to create a true overall movie experience. (Ages 8-14)

    Bits, Bytes & Beyond (Ages 6-7)

    For younger students. Technology knows no age limit! Our specially designed “Bits, Bytes & Beyond” curriculum is formulated to meet the needs of younger children while ensuring that the learning process is fun and rewarding. The activities center on introductory basic robotics using the LEGO® WeDo® set and LEGO® Movie Making, with an emphasis on our teachers providing extra hands-on assistance throughout the camp. (Ages 6-7)

    Scratch Fun (Ages 6-7)

    For younger students. Learn programming in a fun way with a camp specially designed for younger children! Our teachers will help your children use MIT Media Lab’s Scratch® visual programming language to create their own games, interactive stories, music, and animated art. Our curriculum and instruction is tailor-made to provide a fun environment for the young campers to explore, experiment, learn, and create using technology they can understand. (Ages 6-7)

    • My son LOVED the camp. Thank you for hiring high quality teachers who know how to work with the kids and who created a fun and educational environment that fostered the kids’ love of learning. I really appreciated picking up an enthusiastic and happy kid at the end of each day of computer camp!

    • My daughter said this was her favorite camp. She was excited to go each day and I think it gave her confidence about creating her own programs that will be beneficial to her in the long term.

    • My son loved his camp, learned a lot and had a great time. The high quality instruction combined with the small class size was outstanding. Thank you for providing my son with such a positive camp environment and experience.

    • My son LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Game Creation class. I have never seen my child so enthusiastic about a class or camp before.

    • My 12 year old Grandson is a major critic of activities causing him to get up at 7:00 AM. In the summer. For Minecraft Machines, he was up before his alarm and anxious to get to camp. He loved the camp and was talking about the next one he wanted to go to next year. Great job. To get a near teenager to admit to excitement is a heck of an achievement. We were very pleased.

    • This was the first year we tried BB&B and thank goodness we did! Not only has this been the only camp he’s truly enjoyed but after dragging him through sports, academics, etc., he has finally found something he’s good at. He has an alarm set on his iPad every day so that we all know when to get in the car and go. He wants to get there an hour early and stay an hour late! Thank you guys for hosting BB&B!

    • I wanted to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed your Bits, Bytes & Bots camps this summer. This was her second year to attend the camps. My husband and I both work in the Information Technology field and advocate for STEM education for our daughters. It has been a positive experience for our daughter to attend your camps and her excitement and eagerness to learn speak volumes.